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Jul 3, 2012 6:00am EDT
of a cover up regarding the child sex abuse acquisitions against jerry sandusky. cnn is reporting that university officials had a plan to report are sandusky in 2001 but abandoned that plan after discussing it with paterno. the report was based on e-mails from athletic director time curly. >>> calls for justice. friends and family of a baltimore county teenager who died after a fight with an off duty county police officer take their frustrations to the state's attorney office. 17-year-old christopher brown died from asphyxiation following an altercation with officer james laboard. laboard was indicted on manslaughter charges. brown's family says that's not enough and is requesting the u.s. department of justice step in and review the case. >>> turning to sports, the mariners rally to beat the oriels in the opener of a three game series in seattle. it looked good for the oriels when chris davis stepped up to the plate with two men on and slammed a homerun out of the park. the oriels lead 3-1. the mariners casper wells hit a three run double in the 7th to put the local guys ahead of
Jul 5, 2012 6:00am EDT
to hurt a little bit. >> i watch the guy on cnn doing the same thing. here is wolfe standing out live where there's a conflict or jim, weather channel and you stand here there's and doing these things for hours and hours. rose, is your ear okay there? >> i'm good. >> i just wanted to know if we need to call the emt. glsz -- >> no. >> i'm marvelled because they can look in a lens for hours at a time. >> i think it's a specific concentration to hear one voice and pretending your not. >> that's the truth. >> you live in a world where people are talking to themselves all the time. it used to be on the streets of new york that people had a reason for talking to themselves. now you don't know whether they're talking to somebody or talking to themselves. >> the whole world has blue tooth. >> 5th and final season of damages. did it go quick for you? >> it always does. it fly -- flies by. we work so fast. it always flies by. >> yeah, it did. >> this being the final season, does that free you up in any way to what you're going to do with your roles? >> that's a good question. >> can we hav
Jul 23, 2012 6:00am EDT
reports they -- but cnn reports they are americans. >>> an investigation is underway after a crash involving a maryland state trooper. trooper robert i sabel was responding to a call when his crewer was hit from behind -- cruiser was hit from behind. fortunately no one was injured. >>> state officials are challenging you the morning. it's a move -- you this morning. it's a move to benefit you in more ways than one. >> you can eat healthier and create local jobs. it turns out all you have to do is go shopping. >> it helps keep the family farm. >> scott smith growing veg tables and sells them. >> keeps the money here. your money doesn't travel across country to another country. it stays right here locally. >> this week state officials urge all marylanders to eat locally grown produce. >> people are jumping onto this trend because they're wanting to get more healthy, eat better. this allows them to opportunity to support local produce and farmers. >> the head of the market calls it a win/win. >> you know where your products are grown, what goes into growing them, get to know the farme
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3